Our 5 Best SEO Tools for 2019

//Our 5 Best SEO Tools for 2019

Our 5 Best SEO Tools for 2019

Best SEO tools 2019

A new year a new you! We all have different New Years resolutions and ours is to start bringing our visitors more valuable and unique content. Today we will be going through our 5 must have SEO tools for 2019. Every agency is only as good as the tools they utilise; there are an absolute boatload of various programs out there to help make SEO easier but not all are effective or work the same,  this article will help guide you or your agency in picking the best SEO tools for 2019 and find the right program for the right job.

Please note that we have found these tools to work best for OUR agency and it is up to you to decide what works best for you! All tools recommended here are affiliate free and we are not being paid to promote anything.

Right, let’s get into it.


Longtailpro SEO Tool

One of the utmost important things anyone can do in SEO and the building blocks of any campaign is keyword research. Without keyword research, we are unable to properly evaluate how to create content and proceed forward with website layouts and structure. Longtailpro is our go-to tool for keyword research, despite the name it does not only deliver long tail keywords (although they do deliver delicious results) but presents you with a huge list of keywords with a variety of variable to choose from;

  • average keyword competition scale (1-100)
  • average volume
  • competitiveness
  • average bid
  • location

Longtailpro caters to a huge array of different countries, so whether you are working on a clients site from the UK, ZA or USA they will always have the data you are looking for. Overall, there are a multitude of different keyword programs out there but Longtailpro is our pick for 2019!


Majestic SEO Tool

We have used so many different tools and programs to do backlink audits and research but none have come close to the accuracy and detail that Majestic provides us. We are able to compile in-depth reports of our competitor’s backlinks and strategy as well as monitor our own sites and clients. Backlinks are an essential part of SEO and it is imperative you keep a keen eye on what the backend of your SEO strategy is doing. We have saved so many websites from the brink of destruction just by looking at what backlinks are negatively impacting our profile and choosing to disavow them. Majestic allows you to:

  • examine backlinks
  • topic trust flow (what your website is about)
  • citation flow (how valuable are your links)
  • referring domains
  • new and old backlinks

At the end of the day, we would be dead in the water without Majestic and is going to carry us through the year as our backlink research tool! If you need any help or information regarding Majestic or any of the tools mentioned, just send us a message.


Semrush SEO Tool

If you have been in the industry for even the smallest amount of time you must have heard of SEMRush, it is probably the most popular SEO program around and there is a reason for that. SEMRush allows for you to conduct a wide array of research, reporting and monitoring of your websites as well as your competitors, you can even link it up to your Adwords & Analytics accounts to get more in-depth information. SEMRush allows you to do the following:

  • rank tracking
  • backlink research
  • traffic value
  • domain research
  • a host of other features
  • on-page audit

If I had to carry on talking about SEMRush we would be here all day. I have mentioned some things here that the previous tools can do, and it’s not to say that SEMRush cannot do them but I believe the other tools just do it better. We pretty much use SEMRush every day and highly recommend it as our #1 tool for SEO.


Yoast SEO Plugin WordPress

Now we get to some more unconventional tools that aren’t talked about much but nearly every SEO expert who used WordPress has used or is still using Yoast SEO to some degree in order to get the most out of their on-page optimisation. Hell, even we are using Yoast to help with our on-page SEO of this article, it is an absolutely fantastic tool that will help guide you in setting up your pages for the maximum search engine benefit. There are definitely some limitations and the suggestions that are given are not always what you are looking for, but most of the time it should guide you well. Here are a few reasons why we put Yoast on our top 5 best SEO tools for 2019.

  • readability analysis
  • focus keywords
  • edit meta & title descriptions
  • edit robot.txt
  • internal linking
  • many more

Overall, Yoast’s SEO plugin is easily one of the most essential plugins any search engine marketer needs in their repetoire. It helps make processes quicker and is just plain easy to use, even more the most absolute beginners.


Google Trend as search engine optimisation

This one is a little bit more for affiliate marketers or people looking for a specific niche but can still be used for a wide variety of digital marketing functions. Google Trends offers wonderful insight into what is trending around a certain topic, country or keyword. Google Trends will go hand-in-hand with your keyword research tools and allow you to select valuable keywords that actually have some interest and people are talking about. This combination gives you a powerful knockout punch when it comes to properly evaluating your keywords.

  • view trending searches
  • boost keyword research
  • product/niche insight
  • location specific

You can never go wrong when using a Google product, after all, we are using their platform to boost our businesses. Google Trends is a great tool and can be extremely helpful in any digital campaign. Give it a try, its free!

Thanks for reading our guide on the 5 best SEO tools in 2019 that you or your agency can take advantage of. If you have any questions are suggestions for content you would like to see, do not hesitate to get in touch we would love to hear from you!

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